mustaffa batik


8 km south of KT

The Kraftangan Malaysia (Malaysian Handicraft Centre) in Chendering teaches traditional Malaysian crafts at the post-secondary level. The students apparently did pioneer this technique called "wawasan" which involves painting the cloth with bright fiber-reactive dyes before stamping the pattern with wax.

Recently this school has seems to have phased out the batik and blok-making courses and the focus is on songket, pandan-leaf weaving, and metal crafts. There are Kraftangans in other states; I've been to the ones in Kota Bharu and KL. There is always a gift shop with the students' work for sale.

Maybe it's the time of year that I visit (March, April) but the school is always deserted. The shop is usually open and most people will also want to vist Noor Arfa (which does have tradtional cap and tulis batik demonstrations although most of their output is silk-screen printed) and Sutramas (silk) which are in the same industrial park.

This style of sarong is now being produced in Kuala Terengganu by Wawasan batikers and it is currently being exported to the US.